Your Story

You have a story to tell.

You know how to write, but when you sit down to write—be it a blog post or a book— your mind goes blank. My clients and authors have so much expertise and experience to share they’re overwhelmed when they try to organize their insights into crisp copy for their websites or chapters for a book.

Their problem? They try to create the final draft in one sitting. While that may work with reports and analysis findings, training summaries and performance reviews, that never works with creative writing.

Writing is as much creating art as is drawing a sketch or sculpting a figure.

Sure, you’re not creating a Madonna of the Rocks, but you are using the same creative process. That often means you don’t necessarily start at the beginning and work your way through to the end. Rather, you start somewhere so you can figure out where you’re going to end up. You can do this even when where you end up is already planned.

That’s hard. That’s time consuming. And that takes a professional creative writer to make it work.

That’s where I come in.

As a creative writer, I help you break down your ideas for site pages, blog posts, case studies, white papers and other types of copy so your message is clear and your traffic—and business—can increase.

As a ghostwriter, I help you sort through all your experiences to find a theme for your book. More often than not, you have so much experience, you need to write more than one book. And that’s okay; you have my permission to write more than one book.


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Are you ready to put your ideas into print?

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