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“From her excellent command of the language to her riveting radio voice, Diane demonstrates a standard of excellence few of her peers can even approach. I would attach to her the highest marks, not because I’d give them to her but because she’s earned them. I would endorse her wholeheartedly for any endeavor she would choose to undertake.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

David Moe hired Diane as an Editing and PhotoJournalism in 1995 and hired Diane more than once

“Diane and I have traveled together with Geiger and Associates Public Relations, worked on tabletop books together, and then some. Diane has superb editing skills, she is an experienced writer and does her homework well prepping for assignments, and knows and understands the importance of due 
diligence. I couldn’t say enough about Diane.”

a n n e Goldbauer, Humanitarian Photographer/Photojournalist, Perspective Photografie