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American Writers Review – 2013, 2019

By no means do I consider myself a poet, so imagine my surprise when I opened an e-mail that announced one of my poems earned an honorable mention in the American Writers Review‘s 2013 Valentine’s Day edition of East Meets West. (Update: Another poem I wrote back in June of 2000 at the Writing from the Heart workshop, Beautiful Rock, was a finalist for the 2019 edition.)

I wrote the poem, Bleeding Heart, back in June of 2000 during one of Nancy Slonim Aronie’s one- or two-minute writing drills at her (then) Writing from the Heart workshop at her Martha’s Vineyard studio. Only Nancy could squeeze a poem out of me.

Nancy is fantastic, by the way. It matters not if you’re a writer, her workshops are for those who would like to become a bit more brave in the world and have fun at the same time. She’s smart, incisive, and an absolute riot. Her Martha’s Vineyard workshop is now called Chilmark Writers Workshop.

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